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California State University, Long Beach
MyBeach, The Senior Class Experience
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Honor Roll

Below are the names of all seniors from the class of 2014 who have taken the step to support The Beach by becoming CSULB Alumni Association Members. Those who are marked by the star are seniors who not only became members but also participated in the senior class giving program by purchasing their Beach Pride and Tradition Package. The Honor Roll will be updated weekly. We encourage each and every one of you to check back and see the class of 2014 support grow!

  • Keith Moy
  • Gregory Moyes
  • Maricela Munguia
  • Ayesha Munir
  • Leonel Muniz
  • Leticia Munoz
  • Ahmad Munsaf
  • Patricio Murman
  • Erika Muro
  • Zoe Naderi
  • Mario Naranjo
  • Araceli Nario
  • Yorsif Nashif
  • Mario Nava
  • Rosa Maria Nava
  • Rudy Navarro
  • Christina Navarro
  • Adriana Navarro
  • George Nazaroff
  • Delaney Neal
  • Nicolas Nevolo
  • Francesca Ngo
  • Minhthong Nguyen
  • Dylan Nguyen
  • Denise Nguyen
  • Cynthia Nguyen
  • Nhat Tam Nguyen
  • Christy Nguyen
  • John Nguyen
  • Thomas Nguyen
  • Michelle Nguyen
  • Hiroki Nozaki
  • Jayson Nufable
  • Tanya Nunez
  • Mary Obray
  • Omobola Ojediran
  • Virginia Olson
  • John Oney
  • Sabrina Orozco
  • Denise Orozco
  • Ana Orozco
  • Jimmy Ortega
  • Ramon Ortega
  • Edgar Ortiz
  • Thomas Osbourne
  • Anne Oshiro
  • Nicole Ouellette
  • Joshua Owens
  • Cristal Pablo
  • Robert Padilla
  • Marie Painton
  • Ashley Pairish
  • Shannon Paisley
  • Teresa Palacios
  • Rachelle Palmer
  • Jorde Paquillo
  • Esther Park
  • Christina Park
  • Katelyn Parnell
  • Jose Parra Bernal

NOTE: The honor roll is updated only once per day in the morning. If you do not see your name, please check again later.