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California State University, Long Beach
MyBeach, The Senior Class Experience
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Honor Roll

Below are the names of all seniors from the class of 2014 who have taken the step to support The Beach by becoming CSULB Alumni Association Members. Those who are marked by the star are seniors who not only became members but also participated in the senior class giving program by purchasing their Beach Pride and Tradition Package. The Honor Roll will be updated weekly. We encourage each and every one of you to check back and see the class of 2014 support grow!

  • Robert Garcia
  • Lynard Garcia
  • Berenice Garcia Rojas
  • Enrique Garciacano
  • Thianne Garrett
  • Melissa Gedney
  • Carol Genovese
  • Biagio Genualdi
  • Tijera Gilbert
  • Kyle Gilman
  • Carol Gilmore
  • Kristina Glass
  • Rachel Goering
  • Sarahi Gomez
  • Noemi Gomez
  • Briana Gonzales
  • Salvador Gonzalez
  • Elizabeth Gonzalez
  • Miguel Gonzalez
  • Jorge Gonzalez
  • Laura Goolsby
  • Jehovany Grandales
  • Jennifer Granillo
  • Megan Grant
  • Myles Gregory
  • Kaitlyn Gricar
  • Yolanda Griggs
  • Eduard Grijalva
  • Melissa Grunt
  • Elra Guerrero
  • Ana Guerrero
  • Claudia Guevara
  • Belinda Guizar
  • Sara Gutierrez
  • Patricia Gutierrez
  • Christopher Gutierrez
  • Angelica Gutierrez
  • Albina Guzman
  • Deanna Guzman
  • Raven Guzzino
  • John Haberstroh
  • Jeffrey Hallenback
  • Jeremy-Ann Ham
  • Thouraya Hang
  • Nitzan Harel
  • Daniel Hargreaves
  • Matthew Harrington
  • Laura Hastie
  • Kelli Heidelberger
  • Shanelle Henry
  • Andrew Henry
  • Jeannette Hernandez
  • Edy Hernandez
  • Karina Hernandez
  • Julie Hernandez
  • Krystal Hernandez
  • Stephanie Hernandez
  • Mayda Hernandez
  • Claudia Hernandez
  • Leana Hernandez

NOTE: The honor roll is updated only once per day in the morning. If you do not see your name, please check again later.