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Email Service
The Alumni Relations Office is the campus steward of mass email communications to our alumni, parents and friends of the university.  In addition to its own e‐communications, the Alumni Relations Office assists the campus community in communicating their messages to these important audiences.   This service is centralized to ensure that we do not over‐email our alumni and to provide consistency in design as well as in tracking open rates and managing unsubscribe requests.  At present, this service is provided at no‐cost to the campus community. The service includes input for the design of the email message, requesting the distribution list from Alumni Records and reporting on the open, click‐through and unsubscribe rate of your message.

Types of E‐Communications

There are two main types of e‐communications available:

  1. Beach Pride Newsletter: Inclusion in our monthly Beach Pride newsletter sent to all email addr esses on the database. This consists of including your event, program or announcement as an item in the “campus events” section of our email.  The elements include: a small thumbnail image, basic details (time, location, date), and a link to a webpage with more information.
  2. Stand‐alone email message: Certain communications may warrant the creation of a separate email message.  These messages are never sent to the entire database but rather to segmented groups based upon a number of criteria.  For example, a department may wish to send a message to alumni only of that department or a college may wish to send an announcement to alumni of certain departments who have met other criteria.  Many criteria are available to help narrow down your audience.  Some examples of criteria include:
  • Alumni Association member • Alumni Association volunteer
  • Donor status or level (i.e. lifetime giving, giving within a certain timeframe)
  • Age range
  • Graduation year
  • Event attendee
  • Geographical areas (i.e. lives or works in LA or Orange Counties)
  • Alumni survey respondent (expressed interest in certain activities)
  • Record type (alumni, parent, friend of the university, emeriti, etc.)
  • …and many other criteria

The Alumni Relations staff is available to assist if you need help identifying the proper criteria to reach your intended audience.

Please keep in mind that not all requests for stand‐alone email messages can be honored as some messages are more appropriate to be included in the Beach Pride email.  Additionally, we only communicate information about official university-sponsored programs. 

Submitting  & Processing Your Request

  • Time Considerations
    All requests for e‐communiqués should be submitted using the E‐Mail Transmission Request Form a minimum of two weeks before your target send date.  Your request must be complete including any images and text.   If you are unsure about any of the fields (i.e. list criteria, available calendar dates, etc.) please contact the Alumni Relations Office in advance of the two week deadline.   We will be happy to assist you.
  • Approving Your Request
    We will respond to all requests within two business days.  Some requests may need to be modified and the Alumni Relations staff will advise you regarding this.
  • Distribution List (stand‐alone messages only)
    Once your request has been approved and added to the email calendar, we will request the distribution list from Alumni Records based upon your criteria
  • Test Messages (stand‐alone messages only)
    We will also advise you as to the date your test message will be ready.  The test message gives you the opportunity to see a draft of what your message will look like and make any changes before it is sent.  If you approve the test message then we will schedule your email message to be sent at the agreed upon day and time.  If you have changes, we will make the changes and send you another test.  We will not send a message until you have given final approval.
  • Reporting
    We track several metrics for each message sent through our system.  These include the number of: email addresses sent to, recipients who open the email, recipients who click on each link, email addresses that “bounce,” recipients who unsubscribe from receiving future e‐mail communications.  If you would like a summary report of all activity from your message please let us know. It will be emailed to you approximately one week after your message is sent.  The delay is necessary to ensure we have captured all relevant information.  If you need more immediate statistics, please contact us.

Our office is happy to assist you. Please contact Jordan Gibler at or x. 57014.

Beach pride email sent third Wednesday of each month to all emails addresses & Stand-Alone email sent to your requested constituency. You can select more than one (Press CTRL or CMD and select all that apply)
Choose the third Wednesday of the month you would like to be included. Allow a minimum of two weeks from date of submitting this form.
Word Doc text including title of event, date, location, cost and 10-15 word description.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg.
Allow a minimum of two weeks from date of submitting this form.
Word Doc including title of event, date, location, cost, contact, and main message (brief messages get a better response!)
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
(name, department, etc.)
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg.
Who do you want to receive this email? Need help choosing? Give us a call.