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California State University, Long Beach
Alumni Association
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College of Education: Distinguished Alumni


Dr. Cedric L. Anderson
1979 MPA Public Administration
1988 MA Education: Educational Administration
1994 464 Credential

Ms. Leslie C. Antosy-Flores
1985 BA Art
1998 200 Credential                                      

Mr. John M. Blaydes
1962 BA Education: Elementary Education
1966 MA Education: Educational Administration                                                      

Ms. Joan J. Branin
1970 MA Education: Educational Psychology
Mrs. Blanche G. Cannady                      
1954 MA Education: Elementary Education

Dr. John F. Dean
1955 MA Education: Elementary Education
Mrs. Christine A. Dominguez
1974 BA English: Language and Composition
1980 MA Education: Elementary Education                                                              

Ms. Jana Echevarria
1978 BA Liberal Studies: Spanish/English
1984 MS Liberal Studies: Special Major                                                   

Mr. Robert E. Ellis
1958 MA Secondary Education


Mr. Steven Fish
1971 BA Psychology
1978 MA Elementary Education

Ms. Erin J. Gruwell
1994 120 Credential
1994 MA English: Literature


Ms. Deborah O. Hancock
1959 BA English: Literature                                        
Dr. Tadao Hara
1965 MA Pupil Personnel


Dr. John C. Hernandez
1992 MS Counseling


Dr. Ruben L. Ingram
1955 BA Education: Elementary Education                                                                                                             



For more information on the Distinguished Alumni program, please call the Alumni Association office at (562) 985-5252 or by e-mail at



 The Honorable Betty P. Karnette
1961 BA Education: Elementary Education
1969 MA Education: Social & Philosophical Foundations

Mrs. Marnos Lelesi
1983 MA Education: Educational Administration

Ms. Judith Magsaysay
1978 BS Liberal Studies: Bilingual - Spanish and English
1979 200 Credential

Mr. Dennis H. Mangers
1962 BA Education: Elementary Education
Honorable Jack Thomas O'Connell      
1975 100 Credential

The Honorable Beverly L. O'Neill 
1952 BA Education: Elementary Education
1956 MA Education: Elementary Education
Ms. Marie Otto
1967 MA Education                                                 

Ms. Naomi Rainey-Pierson
1972 BA Theatre Arts: Performance - Acting/Directing
1980 MA Education: Secondary Education
1981 MA Education: Educational Administration

Mrs. Julie P. Romero                                 

1990 BA Liberal Studies: Sociology
1991 200 Credential
1995 299 Credential

Mrs. Marilyn Russell Bittle                   
1957 BA Education: Elementary Education

Mr. William L. Ste. Marie                       
1969 BA Art: Drawing and Painting       
1976 400                                                    
1981 MS Special Education

Mr. Christopher J. Steinhauser               
1981 BA Liberal Studies: History            
1981 200 Credential                                
1984 500 Credential

Mr. Jack E. Teele                                    
1952 BA Education: Elementary Education                                                                 

Mrs. Corina Villaraigosa
1983 BA Liberal Studies: Bilingual - English & Spanish
1984 200 Credential                                

Mr. H. Douglas Wood                             
1959 400 Education                                 
1959 BA Education: Elementary Education