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Creating a Video for your Course

Best Practices for Using Media as a Pedagogic Resource

  • Keep your videos relatively short. Focus on a single subject!
  • Plan Your Content
    • Define your audience
    • Clarify your message
    • Decide how long your video will be
    • Less than 10 minutes for each concept
  • Make sure to hook your audience quickly
  • Pick A Strong Title: Pick something that is descriptive and enticing at the same time!
  • Use A Thumbnail That Pops - Visual cues and Design are always the best way to attract people to your work.
  • Focus On The First 3 Lines of Your Description
    • It’s important that your description is relevant to the subject you are lecturing
  • Mistakes to Avoid
    • Don’t add copyrighted materials!  This includes:
      • Images
      • Text
      • Music, etc.
    • Too much text on the video
    • Having text that’s too small
    • Choosing images that are irrelevant or misleading
    • Rambling
    • If video needs to be more than 10 minutes, consider cutting the video into two more videos.

Creating a Streaming Video Account

Both Youtube and Vimeo accounts have free versions that you can upload content to be used with your course.

Video using these services are easily shared, embedded, and often provide useful links to other related content in an enviornment students are already comfortable with.