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Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture

Recording lectures reinforces learning by allowing students to review content on demand and at their own pace. Academic Technology Services supports a variety of options for CSULB instructors to easily record and share lectures for online/hybrid courses or to supplement traditional course delivery. 

Contact us at to request an in-person appointment with one of our Instructional Designers who can get you started on any of these technologies.

Lecture Capture Options

  • Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder
    Available in BeachBoard, Kaltura Capture records your screen and/or a webcam view of yourself (or both at once), along with audio. Advanced features like live drawing and editing give you additional ways to enhance the content. Recordings are automatically saved in BeachBoard. 
  • Camtasia
    Camtasia is a powerful, yet simple desktop or iOS screen recording software for those who want more editing flexibility and options. With Camtasia, you can also import images, audio files, and other video files to create a rich, multimedia experience. Camtasia is available on a complimentary basis through the campus Software Depot.
  • Zoom Video Conferencing
    Use Zoom to record lectures, remote meetings, and webinars. Find a link to the Zoom application on the CSULB Single-Sign On dashboard; faculty are eligible for a Pro Account through the campus license agreement.  For instructions on downloading and using Zoom, visit our Zoom support page.
  • Learning Glass
    Often referred to as a ‘transparent whiteboard,’ the Learning Glass is a large, free-standing panel of heavy-duty glass illuminated with special LED lights. To record a lecture, instructors will stand behind the glass panel in a darkened room and use neon markers that glow in the light, bringing the writing to life. The instructor faces the camera (rather than turning away from the audience as done at a traditional chalk/whiteboard), making the lecture a dynamic and engaging experience for the students.
  • Lecture Capture System in the Hall of Science
    A new lecture capture system was recently installed in the Hall of Science lecture rooms (rooms 100 and 102). This streamlined system allows instructors to easily record and save video of themselves at the podium or their on-screen presentations (or both at once) along with the audio. Contact us at to request personal lecture capture training. Watch a video demo here.