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Step-by-Step - Respondus

Getting Started

Choosing Current Personality

  1. From your computer, open Respondus.
  2. Under the Start tab in the section labeled Open or Create, select Desire2Learn as the current personality.

    Current Personality

Creating and Adding Questions to a Quiz

  1. In Respondus, click the Create button.

    Create button

  2. Enter a name for your assessment and a description.
    • Example: Midterm Exam; Covers chapters 1-10.
  3. Select Exam.
  4. Click OK.

    Create new file prompt

  5. On the left side of the screen, select the type of question you wish to insert into your assessment.

    Edit Questions Menu

  6. Regardless of which question type you choose, fields for Title and Question Wording will appear.
    • Title: Titles help to more easily search question banks if you want to recycle old questions in future assessments.
    • Question Wording: The question itself goes here.

      Question Wording

  7. To add a picture or movie clip to your question, select the Insert Picture or File button.

    Insert Picture or file button

  8. To create a hyperlink to an external website in your question, select the Web Link button.

    Web Link Button

  9. Enter all potential answers (if applicable) in the boxes provided.

    Potential Answers

  10. Check the box next to Randomize if you want the order of the potential answers to be different for every student.
    • Example: Student 1 sees A, B, C, D; Student 2 sees D, B, C, A; etc.

      Randomize Checkbox

  11. Select the correct answer from the drop-down list.

    Select Correct Answer

  12. Point Value: Enter how many points the question is worth.

    Point Value

  13. Click Preview to see how your question will look in Beachboard.

    Preview Button

  14. Make sure the question, answers, and feedback are correct. Click OK when finished.

    Preview Question

  15. Click Add to End of List to place the question in your assessment.

    Add to End of List Button

  16. The Title, Format, and Question Wording will appear in a table at the bottom of the screen.

    Question list

  17. Repeats steps 5 – 17 until all questions have been inserted into your assessment.
  18. Select File, then Save to your assessment.

Modifying Questions Once They've Been Added to a Quiz

  1. To edit a question after it’s been inserted into the list, click on the Question Menu icon to the left of the question Title. All questions are located in the Question List at the bottom of the screen.
  2. In the Question Menu, select Edit.

    Question Menu Edit

  3. Make any necessary changes, then click Save Changes.


Find the Settings Tab

After all questions have been entered into Respondus, select the Settings tab at the top of the screen.

Settings Tab
Respondus allows the selection of settings for a quiz prior to it being uploading to BeachBoard. Although this step is entirely optional, it provides the ability to set various properties such as the notification email, availability, and the number of attempts (among many others).
Each section on the Settings page directly corresponds to a settings tab in the BeachBoard Quizzes tool.


  1. Select the section labeled Properties on the left. Properties includes advanced optional settings for your quiz.
  2. Notification Email: The email address specified in this field will receive an email message anytime that a student completes a quiz attempt.
  3. Disable Right Click: Disabling right-click (when using a Mac, hold control and click) applies when a user is taking a quiz and exists to deter users from printing the quiz’s questions.
  4. Disable Pager Access: Disabling pager access restricts sending or reception of pager messages while taking a quiz.
  5. Introduction: The introduction is shown at quiz commencement.

    Settings Properties


  1. Select the section labeled Restrictions. Restrictions includes availability, quiz password, IP address and various timing restrictions.
  2. Status: The quiz status can either be Active or Inactive. When a quiz is Active students may start the quiz and when Inactive the quiz is not available to students.
  3. Dates: Start and end dates and times may be specified for when the quiz is available for students.
  4. Password: Only users who enter this password will be granted access to the quiz.
  5. IP Restriction: Only users coming from the specified IP address will be granted access to the quiz.
  6. Respondus LockDown Browser: Requiring the Respondus LockDown Browser may be selected for a quiz and/or quiz feedback and results.
  7. Time Limit: When enforced, students will only have the available time (in minutes) to complete the quiz. Optionally, a count-down clock may be shown.
  8. Late Submissions:
    • When "Allow normal submission" is selected, users can submit their quiz regardless of the time limits. If the quiz is submitted after the time limit no points are deducted.
    • When "Use Late Limit of" is selected users can submit their quiz, regardless of the set time limit. If the quiz is submitted after the Time Limit + Late Limit time expires, the student will receive a score of 0 on the quiz. The score can still be manually graded if it is felt that the student deserves more than 0. Please note that the Late Limit restriction only applies if the "enforced" box is selected.
    • When "Auto-Submit Attempt" is selected the system can only automatically submit an attempt when the user performs an action after the time period has expired. If the user takes no action, the quiz will show the attempt as ‘attempt in progress’ in the quiz grading area. Please note that the Auto-Submit Attempt restriction only applies if the "enforced" box is selected.

      Settings Restrictions

Attempts / Submissions

  1. Select the section labeled Attempts / Submissions. Attempts / Submissions includes the number of attempts allowed and the message users receive after they submit their submission and settings for other feedback types.
  2. Attempts Allowed: This setting determines the number of times a student may complete a quiz—this may be set from one to ten, or to unlimited. Select your choice from the drop-down menu.
  3. Overall Grade Calculation: For quizzes with multiple attempts, an overall grade is determined based on the Overall Grade Calculation method; Highest Attempt, Lowest Attempt, Average of all Attempts, First Attempt, or Last Attempt.
  4. Message: This message will be presented to users after they successfully submit their quiz.
  5. Show Questions?:
    • Show Question views are a way of giving feedback to users after they finish their quiz. Feedback can be restricted to questions that are answered incorrectly, correctly, questions without user responses, and questions with user responses.
    • Selecting ‘Show question answers’ will display the answers next to each question that appears. Answers will not appear for questions that are not displayed.
  6. Statistics: The class average and the score distribution may be displayed to the user upon completion of the quiz. At any given time, only the most recent statistics will be displayed to users.

    Settings Attempts and Submissions


  1. Select the section labeled Layout. Layout includes settings that control how the quiz is displayed and how users can navigate through the quiz.
  2. Questions per page: When used, this parameter will control how many questions are placed on a page for presentation purposes; otherwise the entire quiz will appear on the same page.
  3. Paging: When this option is enabled, users taking the quiz will only be able to move forward through pages. They will not be allowed to move to a previous page once they have left it.
  4. Answer Numbering: The Answer Numbering option allows quiz answers to be numbered numerically, with lowercase roman numerals, upper case roman numerals, lowercase alphabetic, uppercase alphabetic or simply set to no enumeration.

    Settings Layout

Random Sections - Randomizing Questions

BeachBoard supports the creation of "Random Sections," which are sets of questions that are randomly selected during a quiz. Before creating a random section in Respondus, it is important that questions intended for these sets be organized and grouped properly. For example, if the fifth question in the quiz is going to be randomly selected from a set of three questions, then those three questions should be grouped together at 5, 6, and 7 in the file. Make sure your questions are organized in this manner before continuing.

  1. To create a random section, go to the Settings menu and select the "Random Sections" tab. Click the Random Sections button to continue.

    Random Section button

  2. Then select the option "Add New Set" and enter the first and last numbers -- that is, the range -- of the questions that will comprise the set. For instance, if you want questions 5, 6, and 7 to be the basis of a question set, you would enter 5 as the first question and 7 as the last question in the set.
  3. If you want all of the questions in the set to be shown randomly during the quiz, select the "All" option. If, however, you want a smaller number of questions from the set presented during the quiz, choose the "Select Number" option and provide the desired number. For example, if you want only one question from questions 5-7 asked during the quiz, you would enter the number 1. You are then asked to provide a point value for the set. (All questions in a set must have the same point value.)
  4. Finally, click the "Add New Set" button to finish the creation of the set. In the list below, a letter representing the question set will appear next to each question that is contained in the set. This allows you to easily see which questions are grouped together.
  5. The letters representing each set also provide the basis for editing a question set. For instance, if the letter "C" appears next to a set of questions, and you want to edit this particular question set, select the option "Modify or Delete Existing Set" and select "C" from the pull-down list. The current settings for that question set will be displayed and several new options will appear in the lower section of the screen: Save Changes, Cancel Changes, and Delete Set.
  6. Click OK when you are finished adding all sections.

    Random Section

In order for random section settings to be included with the quiz when it is published to BeachBoard, you must select the checkbox "Apply Random Sections" on the Publish to Desire2Learn (BeachBoard) wizard. Conversely, if you do not want random section settings uploaded with the quiz when it is published to Desire2Learn (BeachBoard), leave this box unchecked.

Finishing a Quiz

Previewing, Publishing to BeachBoard, and Printing a Quiz

Once a quiz is created in Respondus, the Preview & Publish menu lets you determine what to do with the file.

Preview and Publish Tab
Most users will first want to examine the contents of the file using the Preview task. When the questions are ready to be uploaded, the Publish task connects Respondus to a Desire2Learn (BeachBoard) server and transfers the quiz to it. Optionally the quiz may be saved in the QTI XML format and manually imported into Desire2Learn. Finally, the Printing Options task lets you format and print the quiz directly from Respondus, or you can bring a file into a word processor for further enhancement and printing.


  1. Select the section labeled Preview on the left side of the screen, then click the Preview the File button.

    Preview File button

  2. The Preview will open in a new window, and will display:
    • The question
    • Answer choices
    • Correct and incorrect replies (if included)
    • The correct answer
  3. To navigate to other questions, you may either type its number in the box provided and click Go To, or click the Prev and Next buttons.
    • To edit a question, click the Modify Item button.
    • To exit the Preview, click Close.

      File Preview


  1. Select the section labeled Publish on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click the Publish Wizard button.

    Publish Wizard Button

  3. The Publish Wizard will open. Select where to publish your assessment.
    • Publish to single course: Publishes to one course in Beachboard
    • Batch Publish to multiple courses: Publish to several courses in Beachboard
    • Save pool to local file for manual uploading: Saves as a ZIP file that you can upload to BeachBoard yourself.
  4. Choose server information for Beachboard.
    • Desire2Learn server: If nothing appears in this box, select add a new server. If you’ve already entered server information, skip to Step 6.

      Publish Wizard Choose Server

    • Select No, I want to enter the server settings manually and click Next.

      No I want to enter the server settings manually

    • The Desire2Learn Server Information window will open.
    • Open a web browser and log into BeachBoard. Copy and paste the URL of one of your courses into step 2.

      BeachBoard Course URL

    • Click the Extract button in step 3.
    • In step 4, Enter a Description for your settings, so you may easily refer to it later (example: D2L csulb).
    • Enter your campus ID and BeachBoard password under login information. You may save this information on your computer so you don’t have to enter it every time you use Respondus.
    • Click OK.

      D2L Server Information

  5. You will be returned to the Publish Wizard window.
  6. Select your Desire2Learn (Beachboard) Server from the list, then click Next.
  7. If you elected not to store your login information, type your Campus ID and BeachBoard password into the prompt and click OK.
  8. Select the course you wish to publish to from the drop-down menu.
  9. Select whether to:
    • Create a new quiz or Replace existing quiz
    • Create a Self Assessment or Replace an existing Self Assessment
    • Create a new section in the Question Library or Replace an existing section in the Question Library
  10. Select any Additional Options for your Assessment:
    • Apply Settings: If you applied any settings like availability dates and timers, check this box. (create link back to Availability Settings).
    • Apply Random Sections: If you created any random sections, check this box.
  11. Click Next.

    Choose Course and Settings

  12. The status window will update after each step in the publishing process. When it says, “Completed successfully,” click Finish.

    Completed Successfully screen

  13. Log into BeachBoard and make sure your quiz is there. Click the quiz title to modify or check its options.

    BeachBoard Quiz Listing

Print Options

  1. Select the section labeled Print Options on the left side of the screen.
  2. Select the format for the printed quiz (Select the Settings button next to the desired format for more options):
    • Exam
    • Exam with Answer Key
    • Answer Key only
  3. Select the Edit Headers button if you desire to add a header to your printed quiz.
  4. Select whether you want to randomize the quiz questions and then select the random options.
  5. Choose which questions to be included in your quiz or leave boxes blank to include all questions.
  6. Click the Print Preview button to see how the quiz will print.
  7. Click the Save to File button to save the file to your computer.
  8. Click Send to Printer to print the quiz.

    Print Options Screen


Retrieving Quiz Questions from BeachBoard into Respondus

Quizzes may be downloaded for use in Respondus, even if they weren’t originally created with Respondus! This may be helpful if you want to edit an assignment given in BeachBoard in a previous semester, or if you need to deliver a paper and pencil quiz in class to one or more students.

  1. Click the Retrieval tab.
  2. Click the Retrieve Questions button.

    Retrieve Questions button

  3. Choose the Desire2Learn (BeachBoard) server from the drop-down menu and then click Next.
  4. If you elected not to store your login information, type your Campus ID and BeachBoard password into the prompt and click OK.
  5. The Retrieve Questions Wizard window will appear
  6. Choose a course to retrieve from the drop-down menu.
  7. Choose the specific quiz, survey, self-assessment, or question library section.
  8. Enter a new name for the Respondus file you are creating.
  9. Click Next.

    Choose Course and Quiz to retrieve prompt

  10. The status window will update after each step in the retrieving process. When it says, “Completed successfully,” click Finish.

    Successful retrieval

  11. Click the Edit tab to edit the questions of the retrieved quiz.