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Quizzes in BeachBoard

Use the Quizzes tool to create, manage, and grade your assessments. The tool can be accessed by selecting the Quizzes link on the course navigation bar. If it's not present, take a look at our navigation bar support page for how you can add it to your course’s navigation bar. 

Suggested Workflow for Building Quizzes

As you experiment with the Quizzes tool, you will notice that there are multiple avenues to building questions and, ultimately, your quiz. We suggest the following workflow:

  1. Build out an organized database of questions in the course’s Question Library.
  2. Create the shell for a new quiz and determine all of the properties of the quiz.
  3. Populate the quiz by importing questions from the course’s Question Library.
  4. Be sure the layout of the quiz is to your liking.
  5. Preview each quiz you create.
  6. Make sure each quiz is appropriately graded and Published to students. 

Get Started with Quizzes