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Playlists, Analytics and Imports - BeachBoard Media

You can create playlists, access analytics for specific media, or import media from other courses in Course Gallery by selecting kaltura hamburger menu at the top right of the My Media page and then selecting the desired option.

kaltura hamburger menu expanded

Creating Playlists

From the kaltura hamburger menu icon mentioned above, select Edit. Select the Playlists tab.

playlists tab

Select Create New on the right of the page and then select Manual Playlist.

create manual playlist

A window will pop-up where you can enter a Title, Description, and Tags for the playlist. Select Add Media to choose which published content you would like to add to the playlist. Simply select Add next to any media to add it to the playlist.

manual playlist details

Creating playlists is another method to organize your videos for your students. For example, you can create a playlist for a set of videos that a student much watch for any given week. Please note that all of your playlists will be displayed in the Course Gallery under the Home tab. 

media gallery home button

Editing/Deleting Playlists

When you enter the Playlist tab, you will find a list of all your existing playlists. To the far right of each entry, you will find both the edit (pencil) and delete (trash) icons. Select either one to perform the desired action.

edit and delete playlists


The Analytics tool gives you a snapshot shot of how users are engaging with the Course Gallery as well as providing some user-specific statistics.


Selecting this option will bring up a window displaying all other course’s you are enrolled in that currently have videos in their Course Gallery. Select the course you wish to import videos from and select Import. Please note that this will import all videos from that course’s Course Gallery