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On December 31st, 2018, Panopto lecture capture software will no longer be available in conjunction with BeachBoard.

Kaltura Personal Capture, a part of BeachBoard Media, is currently available for capturing your video and is directly integrated with BeachBoard, making content easy to upload and share with your classes. 

We've created guides on getting started with Kaltura Personal Capture and engaging leaners with content to BeachBoard Media, and of course we're here to answer your questions and provide support. 

How do I access Kaltura Personal Capture?

On the BeachBoard homepage, click the 'My Media Library'. Then click the 'Add New' button where you'll see the option for Personal Capture. We're happy to give a demo and support: Visit us in AS-120, reach out at or call us at 562-985-4959.

Can I still use Camtasia?

Yes, Camtasia videos can still be recorded locally and uploaded to BeachBoard Media. Camtasia software is available from the software depot. We have support guides on using Camtasia, or set up an appointment with our team to go over how to use the software. 

What about my old Panopto content?

To request access to your existing Panopto content, please contact ATS at and request for your content to be uploaded to your course.  Please provide the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Campus ID
  • Course Name
  • Course Section
  • Course Class Schedule

Our team can help support the transition of content. 

Where do I go to for support?

Our BeachBoard Support and Instructional Design teams would be happy to help you transition to using Kaltura Personal Capture and organize your BeachBoard Media content. Visit us in AS-120, or contact us at and by phone at 562-985-8324.