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Kaltura Capture - BeachBoard Media

Looking for CaptureSpace? The former recorder has upgraded to Kaltura Capture as of June 2019.

Kaltura Capture is a tool available through BeachBoard Media that provides you an easy method of creating your own videos, presentations and podcasts. The new interface is compact and direct, letting you focus directly on what you'd like to create. Everything captured is uploaded to your BeachBoard Media Library and available for you to share with your students.

To access Kaltura Capture:

  • Log into BeachBoard
  • Find and click the "My Media Library" link in the horizontal menu
  • While in your media library, click the "Add New" button and find the Kaltura Capture Link

About Kaltura Capture

And here are a some links to Kaltura’s written documentation:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I retrieve my CaptureSpace content?

If you need access to your recordings, don’t worry! Every time you’ve recorded something in CaptureSpace, the MP4 is saved on your computer. You can find the folder by accessing CaptureSpace and clicking on the Settings tab.

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How can I retrieve my existing Panopto content?

To request access to your existing Panopto content, please contact ATS at  Please provide the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Campus ID
  • Course Name
  • Course Section
  • Course Class Schedule 

What tool can I use to capture lecture videos?

Kaluta Capture can help you capture lecture videos and can be accessed directly through BeachBoard.

How can I embed videos in BeachBoard?

Embedding Videos is available through BeachBoard Media tools. Check out our guide on embedding videos or contact