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CaptureSpace - BeachBoard Media

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CaptureSpace launches directly from the Media tool and allows you to record presentations, lectures, and screencasts. This can be accessed by using the Add New button in your Media Library. The first time you access CaptureSpace, you will be prompted to download a launcher that will allow you to run the program moving forward. Once the program is successfully launched, you will see a small window appear.

Kaltura capture space


Before recording, you’ll want to make sure all of your settings are configured properly. Select the Settings tab. From here, you can select a folder on your computer where you would like to store your production files. If you prefer, you can check the box at the bottom labeled ‘Delete recordings on disk after upload.’ Be sure to select the proper webcam and microphone in the drop-down options. You can also choose the camera’s recording resolution and the playback resolution. Remember that higher resolution means higher file sizes.

capture space settings


Recording Content

Select the Record tab. You have the option to choose what type of recording you want to produce.

Kaltura capture space


This walkthrough will cover the ‘Presentations & Lectures’ option since it’s the most comprehensive production in CaptureSpace. This option will bring up a new screen with a configuration panel on the left displaying all of your preferred settings from the Settings tab. You can also browse for a presentation file that you would like to use for your recording.

recording options


The preview of your presentation along with your webcam feed will be displayed for you to review. Once you’re ready, select Record on the bottom right. Progress through your presentation as you normally would in a live setting. Once you’re done, simply click Stop. Another screen will pop-up with a preview of your recording. On the left you have options to Trim or Chop the video.

trim and chop options


Selecting either option will bring up two sliders that you can adjust along the video. In either tool, anything highlighted will be cut.

video editor sliders


Click Apply on the bottom to perform the edit. Select Done proceed to the upload stage.

apply and done buttons


The next window will give you the option to add a Title, Description, and Tags to the video. If you wish to re-enter the editor, select Preview. If you’re ready to upload it to your Media Library, select Upload.

upload options


Select Save to house the video in the Library in CaptureSpace. From the Library tab, you will see a list of all videos produced in CaptureSpace (any content that hasn’t been uploaded will be noted appropriately). You can choose to edit any content listed in the Library by selecting the pencil icon, which will take you back to the Upload Options window shown above. Please note that removing the media will only remove it from the CaptureSpace library, not from your Media Library (you will need to go into your Media Library to delete the video permanently).

capture space library

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I retrieve my existing Panopto content?

To request access to your existing Panopto content, please contact ATS at  Please provide the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Campus ID
  • Course Name
  • Course Section
  • Course Class Schedule 

How do I download my existing recordings from Panopto directly?

What tool can I use to capture lecture videos?

My Media CaptureSpace can help you capture lecture videos and can be accessed directly through BeachBoard.

What is 'My Media CaptureSpace'?

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How can I embed videos in BeachBoard?

Embedding Videos is available through BeachBoard Media tools. Check out our guide on embedding videos or contact