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Desktop Support Services

Desktop Support Services

Mission-Driven Technology Support

Desktop Support Services aims to provide comprehensive technology support to a diverse community of administrators and staff within the Division of Academic Affairs. Our goal is to enhance the student experience by providing the best resources, tools, and support to our staff and faculty, empowering them to be impactful to our students. We strive to employ best practices and proudly support the mission and priorities of the University.

Environmental responsibility is a priority for Desktop Support Services when maintaining hardware and software lifecycles. We accomplish this by procuring and deploying equipment with energy efficient and eco-friendly specifications. When retiring equipment, we follow standard e-waste guidelines to minimize our carbon footprint.

Who We Serve:

We provide technology support in the following campus units:

  • Division of Academic Affairs
  • Horn Center Open Access Computer Lab & Library
  • Pay for Print Services (campus-wide)
  • University Library
  • University Classroom Pool

What We Do:

Working closely with our partners in ITS, we serve as the main point of contact for enterprise-level solutions such as networking, email, and file/data storage.  We are also responsible for the installation and configuration of University-licensed software/hardware and managing technical issues related to desktop workstations, mobile devices, printers, and scanners. 

Services Not Managed by Desktop Support Services

Please follow the links to find information related to these services:



Copier equipment

Campus Copier Program

Facsimile equipment

Campus Telecom / ITS


Facilities and/or University Movers

Telephones and voicemail

Campus Telecom / ITS


ITS,, Skillsoft

Although Desktop Support Services does not directly support the entire campus community, we work collaboratively with campus partners to find optimal solutions to broader technical needs.

Desktop Support Services is passionate about maintaining good customer relationships and empowering staff to achieve the mission and priorities of the University.