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Policy Statement - 99-02 Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Engineering, Certificate in

Certificate in Heating, Ventilating, and 
Air-Conditioning Engineering (code 1-4400)

This new certificate was recommended by the Academic Senate on November 12, 1998 and approved by the President on December 14, 1998.

The 20-unit HVAC Certificate Program is designed to prepare engineering and science students for designing various HVAC systems and to familiarize them with HVAC equipment and their selection process.

With a proper choice of classes, you may also earn this Certificate in conjunction with your bachelor's degree. Contact the Department of Mechanical Engineering for more information.


1. Consultation with the Program Director and preparation of a Program Planner;

2. Satisfactory completion of the required courses, as listed below;

3. Approval of the special project and its satisfactory completion (ME 450);

4. Completion of a Bachelor of Science degree in an approved major. The Certificate may be awarded concurrently with or subsequent to the baccalaureate degree.

Required Courses

The HVAC Certificate Program requires a minimum of 20 semester units, as indicated below:

ME 330, 331, 431, 438/538, 450, 405E; AE 336 or CE 335; CE 336.

EFFECTIVE: Spring 1999

Code: 1-4400

College: 52

Career: UG