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Policy Statement - 98-03 Dance, Bachelor of Fine Arts in

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance (code 45230) 
Merger of the Concentrations in Performance and in Choreography

This major program change was recommended by the Academic Senate on March 26 and approved by the President on June 15, 1998.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance is the only professional degree in Dance in the CSU. The primary objective of the degree program is to prepare graduates for positions as performers and/or choreographers in dance companies, musical theatre, film, and television. The program also will prepare students for entry into Master of Fine Arts programs in Dance. Preparation: All students wishing to pursue the BFA in Dance must demonstrate intermediate/advanced technical skill in dance by audition.


11 unit Composition requirement: DANC 120, 220, 320, 420. 

25-26 unit theory requirement: DANC 131, 331, 442A, 442B, 475 or 470, 247 or 361, 350 or 445; six units from 488, 491A, or 491B. 

7 unit performance/production requirement: two units from 181A, 181B, 381A, 381B, 481A, or 481B; five units from 180A, 180B, 295, 380A, 380B, 480A, 480B, or 495. 

25 unit technique requirement: fifteen units from DANC 152, 252, 312A, 312B, 412A, or 412B; 3 must be earned from 412A or 412B. Ten units from DANC 154, 254, 314A, 314B, 316A, 316B, 414A, or 414B; 4 must be earned from 314A, 314B, 414A, or 414B. 

6 General Education units: DANC 373I and one from the following: ART 115B, 115C, 335I, C/LT 161, 261, 232, 324I, 412I, 454I, MUS 180, 190, 363I, 364I, 375I, 390, 490, PHIL 361, THEA 124.

EFFECTIVE: Fall 1998

Code: 45230 College: 55 Career: UG IPEDS (Major) ERSS: 10082 IPEDS (Degree) ERSD: 10082