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Policy Statement - 95-15 Construction Engineering Management, BS in

Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering Management (code 3-4374) 

This program was recommended by the Academic Senate on March 16, 1995 
and received concurrence from the President on March 28, 1995. 
The Chancellor's Office concurred on September 13, 1995.

The four-year program in Construction Engineering Management leads to the Bachelor of Science degree which is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) and the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET). Major emphasis is placed on organizing and managing the construction phase of society's efforts to improve the environment. The Construction Manager is an important member of the construction team and requires a professional knowledge of techniques, materials, equipment, job planning and cost control to add to the contributions of the planning and design professions. Graduates of this program can help supply the urgent needs of the construction industry and its related fields. 

Every effort is made to provide a well integrated program which will give the student the opportunity to develop the proficiencies necessary for a successful, professional career in construction. 

Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering Management 

Lower Division Basic Engineering Science Courses: 

ET 101, 121, 202, 204, 205, 205L; CHEM 111A; MATH 117, 120; PHYS 100A & B. 

Lower Division Construction Engineering Management Courses: 

ET 221, 225, 225L, 232, 235, 235L; ACCT 201. 

Upper Division Construction Engineering Management Courses: 

ET 300, 304, 309, 322, 323, 323L, 325, 326, 327L, 328, 330, 410, 421, 422, 424, 426, 428, 431, 440. 

Upper Division Construction Engineering Management Elective Courses: 

Plus seven units of approved electives selected in consultation with an advisor from: 

ET 321, 374, 423, 409, 432, 433, 434, 436, 438; CE 433; FIN 342. 

EFFECTIVE: Fall 1995