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Policy Statement - 93-03 Peace Studies, Certificate Program in

Certificate Program in Peace Studies

The Certificate Program in Peace Studies is designed for students who are concerned about the issues of peace and justice in contemporary society. Students who take the courses within this certificate program will be developing skills to promote peace within their individual lives, families, communities, and social systems. They will develop the skills to define peace, to discover the processes that create peace among people on this planet, and to learn about past and present conflicts that inhibit the achievement of peace. Students will have the chance to explore the past and present channels and institutions that promote peace, as well as to create new sets of practical procedures for creating peace. Students will be empowered to believe that they can make a difference and will be encouraged in their activism. Students will have the opportunity to enlarge their understanding of global problems and their solutions. They will develop thinking and communication skills that could further peace within themselves, among humans, and with and for the Earth. Overall, students will be able to develop their understanding of human beings, the causes of their conflicts with each other and past, present, and future methods of resolving those conflicts. The certificate can be earned in conjunction with any baccalaureate or graduate degree, and should be especially useful for students preparing for degrees in teaching, business, government, and social service. 

Requirements for the Certificate in Peace Studies: 
Twenty-four units in a program approved by the Director of Peace Studies, to include the following: 
(1) POSC 371 or I/ST 317I; 
(2) SW 491; 
(3) Fifteen units of electives, with at least one course from each of the following areas of concern: 
Group I: Social Science Concerns: ANTH 305I; ANTH 311I; ECON 300, 465; HDEV 401; MGMT 326, 458; POSC 220, 376, 486; PSY 300I, 350I, 351; I/ST 318I; SOC 335I, 350; 
Group II: Humanistic Concerns: ART 320; C/LT 450; PHIL 351, 360, 363; R/ST 383I; REC 320; RTVF 486; SPAN 446, 490; 
Group III: Ethnic and Gender Concerns: AIS 335; ASAM 380; B/ST 304; CHLS 310; W/ST 401I, 430; (4) Peace Project: Three units of independent study, to be taken during the senior year with any Peace Studies faculty. Exceptions or substitutions may be made only with the approval of the Director of the Peace Studies Program. Students interested in the Peace Studies Program should contact the Director. 

@PS-EFFECTIVE = Effective: Fall 1993