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Policy Statement - 89-06 Professional Administrative Services Credential

Professional Administrative Services Credential 

This instructional program was approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialling on July 27, 1989 and authorized for implementation by the President on August 29, 1989.

Purpose: The Professional Administrative Services Credential meets the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requirements for the professional-level training of new school and district administrators, K-12. Unlike the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential, the Professional Administrative Services Credential is renewable. 

Admission Requirements: 

1. Admission to the University. 
2.Possession of a valid Preliminary or Clear Administrative Services California Credential. 
3. A 3.0 minimum overall grade point average in most recent thirty (30) semester units of graduate coursework. 
4. Personal interview with Coordinator of the Educational Administration Programs. 
5. Approval by Educational Administration Programs Committee. 

Program Requirements 

This program consists of a minimum of 26 units and is intended to satisfy the State's requirements for the professional-level training of new school and district administrators, K-12. 

1. An individual candidate course plan, duly signed and recorded in the Department Office 

2. The program consists of three components: core course seminars, fieldwork, and electives. 

Core courses: 12 to 16 units of the following seminars: EdAd 641(3 units) or 641F(4 units), EdAd 657 (3) or 657F (4), EdAd 658 (3) or 658F (4), EdP 677 (3) or 677F (4). The core courses with the F designation include a one unit field component that is directly relevant to the seminar course content. 

Field work: 8 units of field work, usually satisfied by taking four units of field work in the core courses with the F designation and four additional units of EdAd 690. Students lacking the field component for any of the required core courses must enroll in higher unit values of EdAd 690. 

Electives: 6 approved elective units. 

3. A minimum of two years of successful full-time school administrative experience in the public schools, or private schools of equivalent status. 

4. Satisfactory completion of Exit Examination on Professional Credential competencies. 

The program of studies, which must include the core courses, is designed for each individual student, specifying field work activities and electives. The candidate, faculty advisor, designated administrator from the employing school district, and the credential program coordinator work collaboratively on the individualized program. 

Effective: Fall 1989