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Policy Statement - 88-08 Mathematics, BA in, Option in Mathematics Education


This program, recommended by the Academic Senate at its meeting of December 1, 1988, received the concurrence of the President on December 7, 1988.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Option in Mathematics Education 

This option is for students preparing to teach mathematics at the secondary school level. Completion of this Option will meet all course requirements for the Single-Subject Waiver Program in Mathematics. Thirty units of post-baccalaureate coursework are also required for the Clear Single-Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics (see Single Subject Teacher Education Program in the Graduate School of Education for more specific information about courses and other requirements.) 

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics -- Option in Mathematics Education (code 2-6609) 

Lower Division: MATH 122, 123, 224, 233, 247; one of the following: MATH 170, 174, 270, 278*; one of the following: ENGL 101, 300, 317; one of the sequences: PHYS 151, 152; PHIL 170, 270; or eight units of a foreign language; to a total of 30 to 32 lower-division units. 

Upper Division: MATH 310, 341, 361A, 380, 444A; either MATH 350 or 355*; either MATH 364A* or 381; EDSS 300M; and a minimum of 6 units of upper-division Mathematics electives. 

* - indicates preferred courses among choices 

EFFECTIVE: Fall 1989.