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Policy Statement - 87-02 Linguistics, Minor in

This program was recommended by the Academic Senate in its meeting of February 12, 1987, and received the concurrence of the President on February 26, 1987. 

Subject: Minor in Linguistics

Minor in Linguistics (code 0-6833) 

The Minor in Linguistics consists of a minimum of 21 units, with at least one course selected from each of five subject area categories. Although not required for the Minor, foreign language courses are recommended. In selecting courses, students should be aware that some courses have prerequisites, including language proficiency. 

Courses which are counted for a major may not also be counted for a minor, but student who have taken a course from any category as a part of their major may substitute an elective with approval of the Director of the Interdisciplinary Program in Linguistics. 

Requirements: Select one course from each category: 
Category I -- Introduction: ANTH 170, ENGL 325, HUM 363IC, MEXA 402; 
Category II -- Phonology: C D 330, ENGL 420, FREN 414, GERM 303, SPAN 425; 
Category III -- Syntax: ENGL 421, FREN 411, GERM 401, SPAN 426; 
Category IV -- Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics: C D 361, 363, 481B, ED P 454, PSY 438; 
Category V -- Language, Culture, and Society: ANTH 412IC, 413, SOC 485IC, SPCH 451; 

Electives to a program total of 21 units selected from: any course listed above, ANTH 470, C D 380, ENGL 423, 426, 428, 498, MEXA 403, PHIL 484, SPAN 412, 427, SPCH 448, and variable/special topics courses on linguistics subjects offered through the participating departments. These topic courses are shown on an approved list available in the participating departments. 

EFFECTIVE: Fall 1987