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Policy Statement - 86-02 Music, Master of

This degree program was recommended by the Academic Senate in its meeting of April 12, 1984, was approved by the Chancellor on January 24, 1986, and received the concurrence of the President on February 26, 1986. 

Subject: MASTER OF MUSIC DEGREE (code 7-5820)

The Master of Music degree program provides professional concentrations in Composition and in Performance with three options: Conducting, Opera, and Instrumental and Vocal Performance. 


1. A Bachelor of Music degree, or a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Music or the equivalent, from an accredited institution, with a minimum of 24 upper-division units of Music comparable those required at this University. 

2. All applicants are required to complete the Department of Music Graduate Placement Examination before they register for courses applicable to the Master of Music degree. (Under special circumstances, a student may take the examination during the first semester in which he or she is registered in courses applicable to the degree.) 

3. Criteria according to concentration: 

a. Composition - submission and approval of a portfolio of representative original scores and evidence of baccalaureate- level competency as required in the Bachelor of Music Composition Option. 

b. Performance - 
Conducting: successful completion of a conducting examination and approval by the conducting faculty. 

Opera and Instrumental / Vocal Performance: an audition both at a performance level and with a repertory on an instrument or in voice acceptable to the faculty of the specific performance medium. 

4. A grade point average of 3.00 or better in upper-division Music. Students who do not meet the 3.00 grade point average requirement or specified balance within the required 24 units of upper-division Music but who possess outstanding or unusual qualifications that promise a significant contribution to the Master of Music program may petition for a special review from the Department Graduate Advisory Council. 

Advancement to Candidacy: 

1. Satisfy all the general University requirements, including passing the Writing Proficiency Examination. 

2. Remove all undergraduate deficiencies, which were determined by the departmental Graduate Placement Examination and/or the Dean of the School of Fine Arts. 

3. Pass the Department of Music Qualifying Examinations. 

4. Submit an approved project or thesis proposal, and a graduate degree program appoved by the student's Thesis Committee, the Graduate Advisor, Department Chair, and the Dean of the School of Fine Arts. 

Requirements for the Master of Music Degree code (7-5820) 

1. Thirty (30) units are required for the Master of Music degree. 

2. Courses required of all Master of Music students, 13 units: 
MUS 541 or 542; one course from MUS 560, 561, 562, 563, 564, 565, 566; MUS 696 (should be taken the first time it is offered during the student's residency); MUS 698. 

3. Additional courses required for the Composition concentration, 17 units: 2 units of MUS 529 (section by advisement); MUS 541 or 542, whichever was not taken in requirement #2., above; MUS 645 and 646; 6 units of Music electives selected by advisement. 

4. Additional courses required in the Performance concentrations, 17 units: 
Conducting: 2 units of MUS 500 or 600; 2 units of MUS 529 (section by advisement); MUS 520, 595 (section by advisement); 7 units of Music electives selected by advisement. 
Opera: 4 units of MUS 529; 2 units of MUS 530, 532; 3 units of THEA 431 or other Theatre Arts or Dance course chosen by advisement; 7 units of Music electives selected by advisement. Students in this concentration are strongly encouraged to include dance and theatre courses as well as MUS 569. 
Instrumental / Vocal: 4 units of MUS 500 or 600; 4 units of MUS 529; 9 units of Music electives selected by advisement. Keyboard majors are required to take MUS 567 and are strongly encouraged to select their 6 electives from mus 533 A,B and MUS 526 A,B. 

5. An oral examination and defense of the thesis, recital, or project (MUS 698). 

EFFECTIVE: Fall 1986