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Policy Statement - 81-06 Outdoor Recreation Resources, Certificate Program in Administration of

Certificate Program in Administration of Outdoor Recreation Resources

The following policy statement recommended by the Academic Senate at its meeting of January 29, 1981, and approved by the President on February 24, 1981, is as follows

The management of outdoor recreation resources is a growing professional field for which there are very few well-trained candidates for employment. Employers find that job candidates tend to specialize in a variety of related disciplines, but very few have the generalist training which is necessary for this work. This certificate will provide the generalist training for such employees.

Upon successful completion of this certificate, students will

  • be educationally competitive for positions in outdoor recreation resources management.
  • be able to identify the management concerns of floral, faunal and land resources in Southern California outdoor recreation areas and take proper action


a. Grade point average (overall):    2.5

b. Open to all majors

c. Prerequisites:


(l) for Recreation 486:    Recreation 484; or Recreation

211, 241, 312, senior standing and completion of 1,000 hours documented leadership experience.


(ll) for Recreation 489:    Instructor's permission and

1,500 hours paid or volunteer experience in a recognized outdoor recreation program, or Recreation 484.


(lll) for Recreation 499:    Consent of instructor.


d. Number of transfer units permitted: Any lower division course equivalent to requirements


e. Number of credit/no credit units permitted: Only those courses where credit/no credit is the sole grading system offered (e.g., Recreation 484, 486).


a. Total units required for completion, including prerequisites: 24

b. Required courses, including prerequisites:


Recreation 430 (3)                                             prerequisite: none

Recreation 489 (3)                                             prerequisite: Recreation 484, or 1,500 hours experience and instructor’s permission.

Recreation 495 (3)                                             prerequisite: none

Recreation 499 (3)                                             prerequisite: instructor’s permission


c. Electives, including prerequisites:


Choose one:                                           Recreation 317 (3); no prerequisites

Recreation 486 (3); Recreation 484, or Recreation 211, 241, 312 and 1,000 hours documented experience


9 units selected from the following list of courses (*prerequisites)

Biology: 100, 103, 105, 106, 200, 201, 203, 212, 328

Geography: 140, 304, 356, 442*, 444*, 455


  1. Name of Certificate Program

    Certificate Program in Administration of Outdoor Recreation Resources


  • Bulletin Statement


    Students pursuing an approved degree at California State University, Long Beach may at the same time earn a Certificate in Administration of Outdoor Recreation Resources. Courses taken to meet the requirements of the certificate may also be used simultaneously, where appropriate, to meet the general education requirements of the degree or credential requirements of cooperating departments.


    Requirements for the Certificate in Administration of Outdoor Recreation Resources:

    • A Baccalaureate degree which may be awarded concurrently.
    • Satisfactory completion of 24 units which must include 12 units of core requirements as follows:

      Recreation 430, 489, 495, and 499

      3 units from Recreation 317 or 486

      9 units from approved list of courses in Biology and Geography

  1. Cooperating Departments


    Biology and Geography

  2. Rationale for the Program
  3. Goals and Objectives of the Program
  4. Criteria for Eligibility for Acceptance into the Program
  5. Requirements for the Certificate Program
  6. Designated Faculty Coordinator in the Sponsoring Department:

John Minar, Associate Professor



EFFECTIVE: Fall 1981