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Policy Statement - 74-19 Speech Communication, Bachelor of Arts in, Teaching Option (This degree's name changed to Communication Studies)

NUMBER: 74-19
REFERENCE: Degrees: Options

SUBJECT: Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication, Teaching Option

This option is designed to meet the needs of candidates for the Single Subject teaching credential in English with a Speech Communication concentration.

Lower Division: (a) Speech Communication 246, (b) four units from English 250A or 2508, (c) Comparative Literature 232 or upper division courses: English 482 or Comparative Literature 330A, 330B, or 332. Radio/TV 100 strongly recommended.

Upper Division: (a) Speech Communication 355 and 450, (b) nine units from 331, 332, or 335, (c) three units from 439, 440, 445, (d) three units from 446, 448, or 449, (e) English 310, (f) four units from English 370A or 3708, (g) four units from English 320 or 325.


The Ryan Act has eliminated teaching credentials in several areas, which are now "subsumed" under English. In order to provide suitable programs, an "English core program" which meets the minimum requirements for the credential has been developed. This core program is incorporated into various degree programs. In English, Comparative Literature, and Journalism, the resulting package fits into existing degree patterns. In Speech Communication, Theatre Arts, and Radio/TV there is no existing program which will fit, and a new option is necessary to allow students to receive a teaching credential along with a degree. 

Effective Immediately. Will be published in 1975-76 General Bulletin.
DEG: sn
September 19, 1974