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Policy Statement - 18-06 Supply Chain Management, Minor in

Minor in Supply Chain Management (18 units)

This new state-supported program was recommended by the Academic Senate on May 3, 2018 and concurred by the President on May 8, 2018.

The minor in Supply Chain Management is designed to provide students with foundational training in the highly demanded area of modern supply chain management practices and in corresponding cross-functional skills that will advance student career prospects within a global supply chain environment. Students accepted for admission must have at least a 3.0 GPA with junior standing.

The minor is comprised of six courses for a total of 18 units.
For non-business students only, CBA students are not eligible.
IS 301, which is required for all 400-level courses in CBA, is waived for minors.

Students must take the following courses:

MGMT 300 Principles of Management and Operations (3) Prerequisite: Recommended: IS 310.

SCM 410 Logistics Management (3) Prerequisites: MGMT 300, IS 301.

SCM 411 Operations Planning and Control (3) Prerequisites: MGMT 300, IS 301.

SCM 414 Supply Chain Management (3) Prerequisites: MGMT 300 and I S 301.

Two electives from the following:

MGMT 412 Production Control (3) Prerequisites: MGMT 300, IS 301.

MGMT 413 Managing Quality Productivity (3)
Prerequisites: MGMT 300, IS 301 and recommended IS 310.

MGMT 430 Project Management (3) Prerequisite: MGMT 300, IS 301.

MGMT 456. Service Management (3)

Prerequisites: MGMT 300, IS 301.

EFFECTIVE: Fall 2019

Campus Code: MGMTUM02U1 College: 41

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