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Policy Statement - 13-08 International Business, Minor in

Minor in International Business (code FIN_UM02)

This new minor was recommended by the Academic Senate on May 9, 2013 
and approved by the President on June 4, 2013.

The Minor in International Business is designed to provide students with international business skills and cultural knowledge, which can be an advantage for job seeking and career building, as well as a source of personal enrichment.  Students accepted for admission must have at least a 2.0 GPA with junior standing.

This minor requires18 units. For Non-Business students only, CBA students are not eligible.



Take both of the following courses:

CBA 300

     Prerequisite: None.

COMM 330 Survey of Rhetorical Theory (3)

      Prerequisite: GE Foundation requirements.

Choose one of the following Tracks:

International Management Track

     MGMT 300

Prerequisite: None.

        MGMT 405 International and Comparative Management (3)

Prerequisites: MGMT 300, IS 301.

            MGMT 406 International Business Policy (3)

Prerequisites: MGMT 300, IS 301.

International Marketing Track

        MKTG 300

 Prerequisite: None.

            MKTG 480 International Marketing (3)

Prerequisites: MKTG 300, IS 301.

            MKTG 481 International Marketing in Selected Markets (3)

Prerequisites: MKTG 300, IS 301.

NOTE: IS 301, which is required for all 400-level courses in CBA, is waived for minors.


Choose one of the two culminating experience courses:

CBA 493 Business Internship (1-3)

      Prerequisites: Classified business major, consent of instructor, IS 301.

CBA 494 Selected Topics - Short-Term Study Abroad (3)

      Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

EFFECTIVE: Fall 2013


Campus Code:  FIN_UM02

College:  41

Career:  UG