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Policy Statement - 01-04 Chinese Studies, Bachelor of Arts Degree in

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chinese Studies 
(code 2-8440) (120 units)

This new degree was approved by the Academic Senate on April 13, 2000, approved by the President on May 15, 2000, and  approved by the Chancellor's Office on March 20, 2001.

The Bachelor of Arts program in Chinese Studies at CSULB is designed to provide students with linguistic and cultural preparation, supported by international perspectives and understanding of humanities for personal, socio-political, and literary-intellectual development, as well as for economic self-sufficiency in the ever-intertwining world of a global economy. The degree program is a major intended to educate and produce graduates who will have communicative proficiency, critical thinking skills, socio-cultural understanding, and literary sensibility for intercultural communication. The degree program will also provide students with an opportunity and preparation to pursue a career involving the Pacific Rim nations, and to go on to graduate and professional programs in fields such as Art, International Affairs, Business Administration, History, Literature, Law, Journalism, Public Administration, or Education.

Residence Requirement for the Majors 
    At least four upper-division courses required for the major must be completed successfully at CSULB. Students are encouraged, however, to complete up to a year of their language study in approved programs of study abroad.

    A minimum of 38 units is required, including at least 15 units earned in residence at CSULB. CHIN 101 and 102 are prerequisite to the major and may be satisfied by appropriate high school preparation or by examination. Required courses include a 3-unit lower-division course, 20 units of core courses, and 15 units of electives from the following two groups: 1. Chinese and Chinese language-, literature-, or culture- related courses (9 units); and 2. China-related courses (6 units).

Lower-Division Required Courses (11 units): 
         A. 3 units required course: CHIN 250 or CHIN 260

         B. 8 units core courses: CHIN 201, 202

Upper-Division Required Courses (27units) 
         A. 12 units core courses: CHIN 301, 370, 451, 492.

         B. 15 units electives selected from the following two groups:

1. 9 units selected from CHIN 302, 321, 350, 360, 380, 390, 410, 430A, 430B, 430C, 490, 499, A/ST 490A, 490B.

2. 6 Units selected from ANTH 332, AH 468, 469, ASAM 331, A/ST 300I, 301I, 320, 406, 495I, ECON 365, 370, HIST 382A, 382B, 406, 488, JOUR 312I, PHIL 306, POSC 362, 455, R/ST 341I, 343, W/ST 406.

  EFFECTIVE: Spring 2001

         Code: 2-8440 
         College: 28 
         Career: UG 
         IPEDS (Major) ERSS: 03021 
         IPEDS (Degree) ERSD: 03021