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GE for Faculty

GE Course Development and Approval

Step 1: Determine the GE Category for which you would like to develop your course

Determine the GE Category for which you would like to develop your course.  The GE course content requirements must be reflected in both the course justification section and the course outline of subject matter in the Standard Course Outline (SCO).

Step 2: Identify the GE Essentials Skills associated with your course based on the Essential Skills Requirements (Grid)

Identify the GE Essentials Skills associated with your course based on the GE Essential Skills GRID. Depending on your GE Category, some skills may be predetermined for you or you may need to choose ones that best match your course objectives. From the GE Essential Skills GRID, each skill is linked to the GE Essential Skills and Outcomes page that describes the skill, details associated Student Learning Outcomes (SLO), and links to sample rubrics. The skills you list as a primary focus for the course must be included in the SLOs in the SCO.

Step 3: Complete the GE Action Request (GEAR) form 

Complete the GE Action Request (GEAR) (PDF) Form. (For best use of the GEAR form, right click on the GEAR link and select 'Save Link As'. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat for best use of the form.)

Step 4: Finish your SCO - using the GEGC SCO template is helpful

Finish your SCO using your department/college SCO or the GEGC SCO template (PDF). Be sure that the primary skills you identified for your course on the GEAR form match the ones described in your SCO.

  • Please note: The SLOs identified in your Standard Course Outline (SCO) should reflect the GE Essential Skills identified for your class.

Step 5: Submit your completed materials

Submit your completed materials following the University Course Approval Process for General Education.

Upon approval from the college level, forward an electronic copy of your signed documents to Danny Paskin, GE Coordinator and Tiffini Travis, Chair GEGC. Once received, the GEGC will evaluate courses for inclusion into the GE program using the following checklist (DOC).

To be considered for discussion in a meeting, submissions should be received by Danny Paskin no later than 14 days before the date of a meeting. Once received, submissions will be put in the queue for evaluation and added to an agenda as soon as possible.

For Assistance

If you need assistance completing these forms, please contact your GEGC representatives.

If you need assistance developing or implementing a GE course please contact Danny Paskin.

GE Course Decertification