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Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching Vision Statement

The Academic Coaching program views learning as a life-long process.  Students, regardless of their perceived capabilities, are able to learn, grow and develop at all stages of their academic career. We support this vision by providing students, staff, and faculty services to enrich, enhance, and facilitate the learning experience. 

Academic Coaches can help you:

  • Learn challenging material
  • Manage you time more effectively and efficiently
  • Recognize important information in a textbook or lecture
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Study for and take tests successfully
  • Plan research projects and papers

The Academic Coaching program provides support to the campus community in the following ways:

Individual Appointments

C S U L B Student Success System

Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

  • Individual appointments focus on your specific needs. Appointments last 30 minutes and are free
  • To schedule an appointment: Click the Student Success Collaborative icon above to schedule an appointmnet online, call 562.985.5350 or visit The Learning Center to schedule your appointment with someone at the front desk.​

Workshops for Classes/Organizations​