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Policy Statement 19-04

California State University, Long Beach 

Policy Statement


March 6, 2019

Minor in Translation Studies

This new state-supported program was recommended by the Academic Senate on 2/22/19 and concurred by the President on 2/25/19.

Program Description

The Minor in Translation Studies provides students with insight into this multifaceted field and its many applications as a means of global exchange of ideas, knowledge, material goods, services, and technologies, across languages and cultures. It offers a foundational and scalable skill set which, combined with any other disciplinary objective, will maximize opportunities for employment and professionalization. Its three core courses impart the basic tenets of translation theory in tandem with tangible applications over the entire range of academic disciplines. Two electives courses, one in language and the other in the student’s primary area of study, establish direct links between the minor, language(s) and disciplines specific to each student.

Admission Requirements:

Intermediate proficiency in the language of translation specialization. May be fulfilled by taking a language proficiency exam through the Donato Center

Requirements (15 units)

Take the following courses: (9 units)

TRST 201 Meaning in Transit: An Introduction to Translation Studies (3 units),

Prerequisites: None

TRST 301 Translation: Ethics, Theory, and Practice (3 units)

Prerequisites: TRST 201 (Grade C or better)

TRST 401 Translation Workshop (3 units)

Prerequisites: TRST 201, TRST 301 (Grade C or better)

Electives: (6 units)

Elective in Language (3 units)


FREN 312, ITAL 312A, ITAL 312B, GERM 301, GERM 302, SPAN 300, CHIN 301, CHIN 302, JAPN 301, JAPN 302, LAT 401, LAT 402. GK 401, GK 402, ASLD 305, ASLD 202, ASLD 306.

Elective in Student’s Disciplinary Major (3 units)

ART 301, ART 311, DANC 200, DSN 268, FEA 205, FEA 310, FEA 316, MUS 290, THEA 201, THEA 221, THEA 222, ACCT 351, FIN 300, I S 301, CBA 300, MKTG 300 CH E 200, E T 309, CDFS 409, CDFS 410, CAFF 228, CRJU 301, FMD 455, FMD 457, FMD 355, GERN 200, GERN 474, HCA 422, HCA 457, H SC 420, HM 274, KIN 201, NUTR 336, S W 220, S W 350, S W 351. 

EFFECTIVE: Fall 2019

Campus Code:  RGR_UM06U1  

College: 28

Department: Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literatures

Degree Program Delivery Type: face to face

Major Pathway: (STEM or non-STEM):  Non-STEM